First Transformation circa 2015- Going Vegan

Prior to Kaemon being born, I gained substantial weight. Most of my life I was around 120-125lbs, in high school with all the athletics I was about 115lb max. That was were I rested–if you could call it that. It was more of inbetween sports practices and programs, lifting and strength conditioning.

After being on different types of anti-depressants, mood stabilzers, and anxiety medications–one combo caused heavy eating. Being a foodie and growing up with a family who loves to eat I ate. After 3 months on this new medication I gained 60lbs. And it was one of the side effects. Along with my own like love for food. Being an ahtlete most of my life I could literlly eat anything and all the time because of how much I worked out. So that transition was horribly life changing. It also caused my cholestoral at the age of 25 to be upwards of 350. YIKES. Stroke central. It messed with my thyroid and caused me to be pre-diabetic. It really took a toll on my health. I couldn’t even bend and squat to my knees. It hurt.

As an athlete–it’s pretty devastating & I felt embarrassed and ashamed.

Being pregnant with Kaemon was an amazing experience for me. A lot of medical doctors suggested I never have kids. And with those medications I would never have kids. They are increddilby toxic. It was like a small miracle. When that happend I just remember never feeling as beautiful in my life, as I felt being pregnant. It was like just a little window for me to feel very loved by my creator and have this divine unspoken connection.

Post Natal– I was really struggling with all the things a new mom struggles with and there were so many ways for care. And so much pressure from family, doctors and my spouse to just get stable. I really wanted to nurse and breastfeed. As a mother it’s a terribly sad and mortifying feeling not to have that opporunity. And feel like you don’t get to have that choice for fear of what everyone else is fearing…relapse into depression. And most people just say, “swallow your pride and take the pills.” And it hurt to the core of my being to make that choice. One I didn’t fully believe in, and hoping it was the right decision evene when I felt compeltely conflicted inside. I think the meds helped to a point. And I felt very detatche from my son. Cause it made everyone else more comfortable. That’s how bad the depression would get. Which to their credit was much better than the alternative. It really hurt me. And at that point I realized my life wasn’t my own it was, in my mind, to stay “normal” for everyone else’s sake.

When we moved to Florida for Bryan to start chiropractic school a lot had changed

I started running again. Ran a 10-mile Turkey run. All 175 bls. Pounding the pavement. Pushing our son in a stroller. My knees hurt terribly. And after 3 to 4 months of training. I maybe lost 15lbes. Started playing rec soccer for the city. Meal prepping and working out at the Y to stay busy. Play dates for K, swimming, beach, really anything active. The medications made me HOT. Like super sweaty. Coming from Washington to Florida– well it was alreay HOT.

After a year and a half of running, soccer, the y, the pool. Nothing changed. Weighing 165lbs.

Realizing that Chewy was going on all this new adventures of health and holistic wellness. Which I totally believed in. I was the one that invited him to go to a chiropractor in 2009 and we loved it. Was looking for something more. Started going back to school online as a WebDesigner. And the stress of that while he started his board exams were so intesnse. I was working part time, in school full time, he was in school full time with exams. Kaemon was now in day care to help the time crunch and I realized. None of this matters if my health is suffering. It was after my family doctor said I was pre-diabetic it really hit home. I’m 28 and I have the health of an elder person. Definatly takes a moment to digest, no pun intended. With a 3 year old, how was I supposed to take care of him in this state?

Looking for a simple solution to cooking, learn more here?

It started with a decision to make a change.

December 2014 vs. July of 2015
13 lbs. More importantly
From a size 12/10 to a 4/2

That’s when I went on an a whole food and vegan diet. Eating only beans and greens. Literally for 6 weeks. In that time I lost 13lbs. Now that doesnt seem like a lot. The picture show the size difference. That’s from December in 2014 at Univeresal Studios to July of 2015 in Paris. I started the diet around Mothers Day in May as I was working for a flower shop and delivering flowers all over town with Kaemon in the back seat. It was a lot of fiber. Definetly suggest a digestive enzyme for that part. Made a huge difference. It was so revelatory how much nutrition and what we eat truly is key. I stopped the full vegan diet and continued to lose weight. It’s like it reset all my internal organs. 6 months later I did blood work and was happy to see that my cholestoral was within normal, I wasn’t pre-diabetic, my thyroid though still a litte under wasn’t in need of medications. It was a testament to what we eat on a biochemical level.

September 2015 in Seattle, Washington with my sista. We were there for my older brother’s wedding, went up to Ballard for some tea, photography and some girl time.

This is where my passion for nutrtion comes from. This why I partner with vegan nutrition… it’s cause it saved my life.

And the future of how I take care of myself. As a mom we often are last. I still struggle with mom-and self-care balance. It’s getting better all the time. What happened now is as Chewy started his chiropractice business. We found we couldn’t keep up with our nutrition as well and meal prepping. Especially with being pregnant with Izla and now another little girl due on May 17th.

When Purium was introduced to me I knew it was right for me with all my heart, as a way to provide real raw food, it’s dehydrated organic grown, non-gmo superfoods, that would give us real help with reducting inflamation, keeping extra unwanted weight off, and keeping our guts happy. As Chewy researched more of the products, we realized it was everything he learned in chiropractic school in biochemistry. That it was the organic food, that food, the colors of the rainmow, and diet was the best medicine. It aligned with our core values on nutrition in a functtional way.

The opportunity to grow has created a community to connect with who love hard and care deeply about the food quality and life of our world. Grateful for that opportunity to partner and with people who really care about what we eat. The beauty of it, is that it works hand in hand with Chiropractic nutrition, mindset and holistic health. If you are interested, the 40-day nutrition is equivalent in the vegan diet I did in 2015. I reccomend it because it works better for working hours, working moms and mom’s on the go. To learn more click, here and recieve $50 off your first order.

Learn more about a 40-day Organic Superfood Cleanse-How they are grown from the Positive Head Podcast host Brandon Beachum.

Free $50 Gift Card Code: bandacall

The Purpose of this Blog and Part of My Mission:

To offer authentic evidence based, products or best practices for health, healing, fitness and opportunities. I want to help as many people as possible. With my own experience with so many pharmacuetcals. It became more of band-aid than an actual solution for my well-being. Going towards food, nutrition & better daily habits of exercise I’ve been able to take back my health, find more purpose & live a more fullfilled life.

It started with listening to my body & basic bio-chemistry. What am I allowing into my body, mind and spirit? What can I do to change. Is all the medical intervention necessary? Being still and listening from within. Asking questions. Lead me to seeking alternative health and more truth. Hopefully you take the time to ask yourself important questions and how to make changes. Start somewhere, start with your why.

What’s great about Organics and Having a master formulator who has 25-years of organinc farming experience is now being able to offer CBD and the amazing health benefits of CBD to our clients at the office and to the community we serve. It’s all about how things are grown esepcially with Hemp oil and CBD. There are so many poping up. Love that we can stand behind years of organic, non-gmo nutrition.

To learn more about CBD click here.

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