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After Iz was born nearly two years ago. I wanted to do a body building competition as a goal to keep moving. In the last few years of growth– the simple and old wisdome of exercising makes one happier still rings true to my core. I believe it’s created a higher vibration to stay active. It helps the mind, soul, body connection–which has helped my mind and spirituallity grow exponentially.

When I tell people I want to do a body building competition they usually say look like WHY????? Pretty sure this pops up in their head. Lots of muscle. And less curves or maybe like a loss of femininity or grace. Now I will say I have had body issues. Wasn’t sure what was wrong with it. Sort of like on Mean Girls how you enter Middle School & High School and realize soooo many things can be wrong with how you look. When asking the universe (aka friends or in person to aqcuantances) or expressing it verbally, “I want to do a body building competition”… this is the usual face of someone on the recieving end of the conversation.

It’s okay universe, freinds and acquantences. It’s probably not for you. It matters to me as part of a self-love journey and is something I’m interested in and something I’d enjoy. Sometimes it can be hard to go against the grain In my mind it’ more like this. This is someone who: Eats well. Sleeps well. Laughs often. Plans & sticks to her promises to self. Has the mental discipline to stay consistent and has dedicated time and effort and a lifestyle to health and wellbeing. It’s a very different picture of fitness or body buiding than what is seen at a compeition. True. The competition is on stage in a binki in front of 100’s of people. And there are judges & posing. Not to mention the high heels. Which is not a strong suit of mine. Nore is any sort of pagentry. Its definetly challenging. So is birthing. So is motherhood. Why not? Here’s to growing, learning and creating more intention. To keeping the post partum blues away & keeping goals alive in motherhood. It can be easy to get lost in the day to day of child rearing. This is time for mommy.

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Foodie 2 Foodie Post

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


Croquette /krōˈket/: a small roll of chopped vegetables, meat, or fish, fried in breadcrumbs.
A small Japanese potato croquette

Growing up in a Japanese-American home unknowingly us kids were exposed to a wide food pallete very young. At home love of good food, brings good friends and great memories to share around the dinner table. Mom always invited people over every other Sunday for a big meal… with new recipes to share. Which after a few years of college eating… and cereal box left overs, I relented in letting her teaching me some domesticated home cooking. Cooking seemed soooo time consuming and stressful.. (Being more a tom boy at heart domestic living at home wasn’t really my thing). 

Helping mom out on occasional Sunday afteroons with some cooking was where I began to cook. Learning slowly and with lots of mistakes wrapping circular egg noddle won-tons wraps in Japan called gyoza. Or rolling home made sushi with bamboo mats, fanning vinegr rice to cool and making a mess with raw fish were part of Sunday afternoons. On special occasions making other “lost art” Japanese soul food, like Japanese Croquette, Tsukiyaki or Tempura Udon Noodles. She would invite co-workers, missionaries, family and the neighbors across the street almost every other Sunday. Which today you can find her still inviting the block and most these delicious delicacy’s at most ramen noodle houses urban and diverse cities, like street food. Yet, a lot of native Japanese don’t make them by hand anymore. It can be bought frozen for convenience. Luckily, mom’s recipes are kept between us girls. Big sister is a testiment to cooking like our mother, Yukiko. I like to keep things simple in the kitchen and I like working out more. So I’ll try to keep these recipes simple for busy mom’s like me.

After being married a couple years and newly wed in college left cooking to the back burner. Mom taught some of her kitchen tricks and magic dishes when we lived close to home.

Craving Japanese food when homesick and longing for Seattle freshness. Learning more as I grow up that choping, cutting, dicing are part of a practice of presence.  Smelling those familiar exotic spices of childhood brings great joy to the table.

Good food brings people together.
Yukiko, aka mom. 

words of food wisdom from mom, I asked her once what about food in general. She clarifed quickly, “It has to taste good, or no one will come back!”

Since delving into #chirowifelife or the chiropratic or natural eating lifestyle and of the philosophy that food is the best prevention. Learning more health tips from my husband and nutrition as well as from oriental medical doctors and friends who are professional registered dietitions…. I’ve come to look for the EASY PEASY nutritous recipes that offer those asain flavors, lots herbs & spices. Finding that the earth really provides the best medicine… well besides laughter. Some recipes may be vegan, some paleo, some plain old food for the soul. I promise each recipe will taste oishi

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