Benefits of Split Peas

A little legume with a lot to offer

Split peas are field peas that are dried, peeled, and split in half for cooking. Peas are a fiber rich resistant starch, to read more about the benefits of peas in a healthy diet check out What is a resistent starch? This artice is a real quick read and explains the simple benefits also click on the soluble and insoluble link about the different fiber. Two simple reads about how we process healthy fibers and the simple benefits of peas in our diet.

These split peas lentils do not need to be soaked prior to cooking, but they should be rinsed and sorted to remove any stones that might have gotten mixed into the bag. Simmered with plenty of stock in a soup, they’ll cook down and thicken into a textured puree (without having to break out the immersion blender).

Split peas also have great nutritional benefits. They’re low in fat, packed with fiber and protein, and are a good source of several vitamins and minerals, including Vitamins A, B, and magnesium.

Like other legumes, split peas are pulses, which I had no idea there was more classification of legumes–which are packed with healthy vitamins and minerals. And can help reduce early onset chronic diseases, like heart disease and certain types of cancer. Pulses also support healthy weight loss, because their fiber content helps you feel fuller faster.

Split peas in particular are a great source of fiber and help manage your blood sugar (1) levels. A single cup of split peas provides 65 percent of your daily fiber needs. They’re also a great source of protein, offering 16 grams(2)in that same cup —  and only 231 calories.

Tiny Legumes Packed with Goodness has 6 recipes and the benefits of split pea legugmes. Below are amazing nutrtional values from, in the this article the follow daily intake of just ONE cup of split peas in our diet, which is pretty awesome for a tiny little legume:

12 percent of your daily vitamin K

25 percent of your thiamin

32 percent of your daily folate requirements.

Vitamin K is an important vitamin for supporting heart and bone health. Additionally, the thiamin and high fiber content found in split peas helps manage blood sugar. Thiamin supports heart and brain health (3), as does folate.

Split peas are also mineral rich. A serving contains:

14 percent of your iron

18 percent of your magnesium

19 percent of your phosphorus

20 percent of your potassium

13 percent of your zinc

39 percent of your manganese





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